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Get Rid of Weeds This Winter for a Weed-Free Spring

How would you like to get rid of weeds and have beautiful weed-free flowerbeds next spring? Everyone does. Come spring, you want to sit back and enjoy all the colors of your newly planted flowers. But, if you've got a flowerbed full of weeds, that's all you'll see, and you can't enjoy your flowers. You can avoid this by following the steps below. 

Weed Control for Mild and Warmer Climates

Here in North Alabama, we enjoy having a warmer climate during the winter. Because it's not as cold as our Northern neighbors, cool weather weeds like chickweed and henbit will still grow. The roots of these common weeds will grow during the winter and because of the cooler weather, they won't grow as deep into the soil as they do during the spring and summer. This makes it easier to pull up the entire plant. To get rid of spring weeds use this two-step process for weed control.

The first step is to rake and dig your planter beds. After raking and digging, either wait for rain or go ahead and water the planter bed. The second step is to wait patiently a few days until weeds come up. Once the weeds appear and are about 1/2 inch tall, use a rake or a Fiskars Uproot Lawn and Garden Weeder to kill the weeds. Be sure and work just a shallow area that's just deep enough to disturb the weed's roots. By doing this, you will kill the weeds. Just make sure you don't dig too deeply as this will stir up even more weed seeds. If your flowerbed is sprouting tons of weeds, wait one or two more weeks or wait for another warm spell and repeat the process.

To Get Rid of Weeds, Don't Make This Mistake

Most homeowners are excited about planting pretty spring flowers. Because of this, they go out, rake or till the soil and immediately plant all their new flowers. While the flowers beds look pretty at first, it will only be a few days before those pesky weeds start appearing.

When you rake or till the soil, weed seeds are stirred up and start to grow. Soon, the weeds take over your flowerbed and it will be more difficult to get rid of them because you'll have to weed around your newly planted flowers.

Avoid this problem altogether by following the two-step process explained above. It's much easier to force them to germinate and kill them while they are small instead of waiting until spring when they are competing with your flowers. By doing this process now, you'll be able to enjoy your flowers even more next spring and much fewer weeds to deal with.

Give Wheeler Lawn Care Service a call at 256-221-9775 and let us take care of your weeds this winter.



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